Sunday, July 25, 2010

Of Giant Sloths, Disneyland Druidism and Presbyterians

Christopher Johnson of Bad Vestments alerts Catholic liturgical abusers that the Presbyterians are giving them a run for their money:

If you could stick these poseurs in a time machine and transport them to an authentic ancient pagan festival -- say, in Britain, around the time Stonehenge was built -- would they last more than five minutes?  


  1. This doesn't even look Christian. I'll stay Catholic, thank you very much.

  2. Okay, I tried to publish TH2's comment, and it said it published, but so far it hasn't shown up yet. So it is as follows:

    This has happened happened at my parish a few times over the last 2 years.

    My reply:

    You mean a bunch of neo-pagan, Druid-wannabe, Presbyterian poseurs came parading up to the sanctuary for Mass? I'd run screaming into the night.

    As a matter of fact, I went one year to the annual Ecumenical Prayer Service held at my cathedral parish around Thanksgiving, and the spectacle was not dissimilar (plus, a Presbyterian minister was allowed to preach from the pulpit). My heart sank before the service when I saw the Blessed Sacrament being removed from the tabernacle. I will never again attend a "service" where Jesus has to be evicted from His own house.

  3. Music by Zamfir?

    [No probs about the comment, Anita. I have the same comment problem on Blogger every so often. It will pop up eventually].

  4. Was this video taken at a pagan - I mean Presbyterian church service? Yikes! Orange County will be jealous!

  5. TH2: If there was Zamfir music, then it was too traumatic for me to remember. But I do recall Buddhist gongs and huge, long poles with ribbons on the end, like in this video.

    PG: You mean the gigantic puppet Mass people? or the Halloween Mass people, with the priest dressing up like Barney the Dinosaur?

  6. I think the skunks conveyed the meaning of the event.

  7. said in ten words what it took me a whole post to express!