Saturday, June 19, 2010

Because I Just Like Flowers

I've been a shutterbug since high school.  I used to develop my own film and make my own prints in a darkroom at school.  Being too sophisticated for color, I mostly did black-and-white pics.  I even won an award in a national competition: thirty bucks that I used to buy a polarizer filter.  Now that we have digital photography, and my computer is my darkroom, developing and printing are a lot neater and cleaner and less smelly (not to mention cheaper).  

My favorite subjects are scenes out of nature, and especially flowers.  I have hundreds of images -- and growing -- so I picked out some of my best ones and opened a store on Cafe Press.  Check out my stuff on Victory Works, where I'm gradually adding new stuff.  

And if you'd drop a little coin while you're there, I'd be extremely pleased.

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