Saturday, December 19, 2009


From the It's About Flippin' Time files:

Now it's time to get busy and start praying for a miracle for his beatification!



  1. Dear Anita, when I graduated from grade school in 1958, Pius XII had "always" been Pope. Later on I read of the heroic efforts he made on behalf of threatened people all over Europe, especially the Jews whom the Nazis hunted down and exterminated. His voice was one of the few raised in their defense, and almost the only voice in occupied Europe to defy the Reich. An excellent book on this is Hitler, the War, and the Pope, by Ronald Rychlak.
    Yes, it's about time, and thanks very much!

  2. Bob, you have it exactly right. There are those today who whine because they don't think the Holy Faather raised his voice enough, and apparently would have preferred stupid symbolic acts to his actual, concrete deeds and their results. Let these yahoos ask the hundreds of thousands of Jews whose lives Pius saved what they think.

    Venerable Pius XII was holy, heroic, humble, highly intelligent and thoroughly lovable. Also a roaring lion of two-fisted cool.

  3. Quotes re: Ven. Pius XII (after his death):

    Golda Meir: "When the most appalling martyrdom ever struck our people during the ten years of the Nazi terror, the voice of the pontiff was raised in favor of the victims. We weep for the loss of this great servant of peace."

    William Zuckerman, director of the magazine Jewish Newsletter: "All the Jews of America pay homage and express their sorrow, because it is likely that no leader of this generation gave more substantial help to the Jews in the hour of tragedy. More than anyone else, we were able to benefit from the great and charitable goodness and magnanimity of the lamented pontiff during the years of persecution and terror."

    From Chiesa: " June of 1955, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra asked to be allowed to give a concert at the Vatican in honor of Pius XII, to express gratitude to this pope, and it played in the presence of the pope a movement from Beethoven's seventh symphony."

  4. Justice is being done and saints can't be put down. But hey! Let's also celebrate the other Big Guy who got the nod with Pius: John Paul II!! Can't wait for that canonization to happen... Hitler must be grinding what's left of his teeth in hell knowing that two mighty men who resisted him are moving closer to canonization!