Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Freemason's Tribute to a Saint

One saint pays tribute to another: St. Thérèse of Lisieux, who had a great devotion to Joan of Arc, portrays her in a play she wrote in her honor.

Though there is nothing unusual about a saint honoring a saint, the honor paid to a saint by a Freemason might be a little more so.  Suddenly, out of the blue, I am thinking of Mark Twain's essay on Joan of Arc, which I haven't thought of recently nor read for years, since I first stumbled across it.  Interesting that a Freemason and a harsh critic of Christianity should have had such admiration for a Catholic saint -- although he apparently sets no store by that "childlike faith in the heavenly origin of her apparitions and her Voices, " which "not any threat of any form of death was able to frighten...out of her loyal heart," giving her sole credit for her gifts and accomplishments, and failing to trace them back to their ultimate Source.  Yet surely there are good grounds to hope that, as a reward for Twain's affection, its object was able to obtain Mercy for him in the end.


  1. A Swedish leftist singer sang:

    ... och den rädde blev modig och den svage blev stark
    under ledning av Johanna ifrån Arc...

    "And the fearful went brave and the weak went strong under the lead of St Joan of Arc."

    Because - whether that singer knew it or not - she was inspired by the one who does strengthen the weak.

  2. other link - but former link did not work and this one is filtered due to "category sexuality" because URL includes word "tekstas" which is not Lithuanian for sex but for text.

  3. Unfortunately the singer accuses the Catholic Church of greed in last stanza.

  4. Did not know that Twain was a Freemason.

  5. Oscar Wilde unfortunately too. A priest was called but arrived when he had ceased breathing or at least being conscious.

    Read about it when looking up Pere Lachaise.

  6. Freemasonry is a Society of Blood Oaths, all to protect a few handgrips and signs.
    It is also a Religion Of Naturalism, in that in the 33rd Degree, it is a mockery of The Last Supper, denying The Christ's Divinity. Freemasonry's Primary Target is Christianity, especially The Catholic Church. It is a Society which in Sicily, inspired the formation of The Mafia.