Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at a REAL Catholic College...

How fortunate the Class of 2009 at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, New Hampshire: instead of witnessing the prostitution of their Catholic identity, they got to hear Francis Cardinal Arinze, prefect emeritus of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments and all-around pistol who, several years ago, famously promised to give a turkey to anyone who could find the greeting, "Good morning everybody, did your team win last night?" in any liturgical books. Appropriately enough, the cardinal gave the commencement address on the subject of what constitutes a truly Catholic college, stating that right morals apply in every human endeavor, and formation in upright behavior is part of the mission of a Catholic college.

"What does it profit us," asked the cardinal, "if a student is an intellectual giant but a moral baby? if he or she can shoot out mathematical or historical facts like a computer but is unfortunately a problem for the parents, corrosive acid among companions in the college, a drug addict and sexual pervert, a disgrace to the school, a waste-pipe in the place of work and 'Case No. 23' for the criminal police? It is clear that intellectual development is not enough."

Cardinal Arinze went on to say that a Catholic university that is faithful to its calling will give society model citizens who are a credit to their families, their alma mater, the Church and the state. "It will prepare for us members of Congress or the Senate who will not say 'I am a Catholic, but ...' but rather those who will say 'I am a Catholic, and therefore....'"


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