Tuesday, November 04, 2008


In 2000, the Democrats were so greedy for power that they chose to precipitate a constitutional crisis, rather than concede defeat. They failed thereby to get Algore into the White House; still, this defeat may have turned out to be a long-range tactical victory in disguise, since the Democrats' disgraceful performance on that occasion has apparently made court challenges to national elections distasteful to Republicans. And so it is that despite rampant and blatant voter fraud, voter intimidation, and questions about the Democrat candidate's citizenship (and the sealing against public scrutiny of his birth records by the state of Hawaii), the Republican candidate has not betaken himself to the courts, but has instead conceded defeat.

Actually, in refusing to recognize that this election was a crucial battle in the war over the nation's soul, the Republican candidate in effect conceded defeat all through the course of his limp-wristed campaign. "It's natural tonight to feel some disappointment," he told his supporters in Phoenix. "Though we fell short, the failure is mine, not yours."

That is for damn sure.

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  1. Oh, well, Anita, it's time for us all to join together as one and make sure the Freedom of Choice Act is passed!

    . . . Or not.

    I came to much the same conclusion as you did. Let's face it, we sociocons were marginalized.