Friday, November 07, 2008

The 2008 Election: An Allegory

A gentleman in Sargent, Georgia was out the other day cleaning cobwebs out from under his eaves with -- a blow torch. By an amazing coincidence, his house caught on fire, a phenomenon brought to his attention by the sight of smoke pouring out of his attic. Nobody was hurt in the fire, but there was water and smoke damage throughout the house. Not surprisingly, the media could not reach the gentleman himself for comment.

Pretty stupid, isn't it? I mean, what kind of a moron would clear cobwebs with a blow torch instead of a broom, right? You take a blow torch to your eaves, and pretty soon the whole house burns down -- everybody knows that! Is it worth losing your whole house just to get rid of a few spiders? Only an idiot would do a thing like that!

But...isn't that kind of what we just did on Tuesday?

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