Monday, May 27, 2013

Some Much-Needed Inspiration for Tough Times

Every now and then, we need to have our American heart-strings tugged.  This is especially true in hard times when, seeing the country going to hell in a bucket, we are apt to sink into discouragement.  Little emotional boosts are sometimes necessary in order to stir up our love for our country -- we are obliged to love our country -- and remind us that what we have is worth fighting for.  

Some of these little videos are a bit on the corny side, but so what?  Being one of the cool kids is not a top priority of love.  All those who are too sophisticated for patriotism can just move on.

John Wayne tells the story of "Taps." Did you know there are words to "Taps"?

A tear-jerker (at least, I think it is): Ray Charles sings "America the Beautiful."  

A brass band plays four marches from the Civil War, both North and South.  While I cannot condone the sentiments expressed in the lyrics to "The Bonny Blue Flag," I must admit that the tune is a stirring one.

Neil Diamond: "Coming to America."

Confederate veterans give us the Rebel Yell.

John Philip Sousa's The Stars and Stripes Forever, probably the greatest march ever composed.

The U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon.  These Marines do the most intricate maneuvers, all without verbal commands.  A performance like this does not happen overnight.  And it is far from pointless.  This is a training ground for hard work, fortitude, discipline, good order, and striving for perfection.

And last but not least, Kate Smith sings "God Bless America," by Irving Berlin.  This is not the greatest quality audio, but it is the first time this song was ever performed on radio.  And nobody does "God Bless America" like Kate Smith.

God bless America, and deliver her from all her enemies.

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  1. Amen! Amen! May Our Lady save her Country. Jesus, I trust in You!