Thursday, January 24, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, we had a snow storm here in the Treasure Valley, which dropped about 3-4 inches of white stuff.  This was followed by one of our famous inversions, featuring temperatures ranging from zero to the teens, coupled with bad air quality -- until last night, when we got frozen rain.  This morning, everything was encased in ice: very slick, very treacherous.  And I was dumb enough to go out to work in it, sprained ankle and all.

Looking at the 10-day forecast, it appears we will soon have a tropical heat wave with highs in the high thirties, though my hopes for temperatures in the forties appear to be dashed.  But even in awful weather like we've been having here, Divine Providence does not call in sick:

-- I have a walker with brakes to use over dangerous ground, and steel-plated hiking boots for support to my ankle.

-- I have Rock Star Parking at the courthouse -- and this morning, when the parking lot lay under about half an inch of solid ice, there, waiting for me, was the closest non-handicapped space in the whole lot.

-- My next-door neighbor has been good enough to de-ice the walkway out to the carport, and even cleared away all the ice from in front of my door.

Yes, I have a few things to be thankful for -- good practice for the eagerly-hoped-for coming of milder weather.


  1. Lately, it has been very cold this side of the continent, but we've received little snowfall.

    When you say "walker with brakes", do you mean something like this?

    Hope your ankle heals quickly.

  2. Ha! I could use that souped-up walker. With studded tires!

  3. It's been pretty cold out my way too. I think we are going to get the ice storm as well. Yuck! Sending prayers your way.

  4. Hail Mary said for you too, NBW. An ice storm is the pits. Today it got up to about 36, so there has been a lot of melting, but it's supposed to dip back to freezing again tonight with more "freezing drizzle."