Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Am in the Wrong Line of Work



...just sold at auction for $34 million.  This is the highest price ever paid for a living artist.  The creator of this alleged masterpiece, Gerhard Richter, is the same who is responsible for defacing Cologne Cathedral with a dreadful pixel-window, an unworthy replacement for a stained glass window destroyed during the Second World War.

But back to the $34 million junk pictured above.  Who are the biggest suckers in this scenario?  The critics who praise this delerium tremens to the skies?  The anonymous party who forked over a king's ransom to get it?  Or the rest of us working slobs who bust our butts for peanuts, when we could be covering ourselves in paint, rolling around on a piece of canvas, and selling the product for eight figures?

I know I'm in the wrong line of work.      


  1. The painting is a nightmare, and the window is a vision of Hell.

  2. A THIRTY-FOUR-MILLION DOLLAR nightmare. As for the window, apparently the cardinal archbishop of Cologne declined to attend the unveiling.

  3. The painting is revolting. I can't believe someone paid 34 million.