Saturday, April 28, 2012

Need a Reason to Say the Rosary and Go to Adoration?

Here's a good one. Were you seriously thinking Jihad was just a figment of George W. Bush's imagination?

Pay particular attention to the San Diego law enforcement officer when he is asked whether they have ever found any nuclear device or dirty bomb materials in San Diego. Pay attention also to the part about a potential electromagnetic pulse attack. If you think this is the stuff of science fiction, look up Starfish Prime. Ever stop and think about how dependent we are on power? On computers? If we were hit by an EMP attack, all our electronic devices -- in phones, in cars, in hospital equipment, in everything -- would turn into instant junk. What is our current regime doing about this threat? 

Only the other day, while performing my morning ablutions by candlelight because of a neighborhood power failure, I was meditating on the fact that we can't even protect our power grid from things like squirrels. If a single rodent can knock out power to hundreds of households, how will we defend our grid against a covert army within our own borders?

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