Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday: The Resurrection and the Five Wounds

Why is the risen Christ always represented with His Five Wounds from the Crucifixion?  Why, if His flesh is now glorified, should His Wounds not have healed?

Of course Jesus could have healed His Wounds; yet He has chosen not to.  The Wounds of the Crucifixion remain on Jesus' glorified Body:

1. For His own glory, as trophies of His victory.  

2. To prove to His disciples the truth of His Resurrection.

3. To show to the Father the manner of death that He, our Intercessor, suffered for our sake.

4. As proof of His Mercy to those redeemed by His Blood.

5. For the conviction of the reprobate in the day of judgment, to show them the means of salvation of which they would not avail themselves.

Have a blessed Easter!

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