Thursday, March 04, 2010

March 4, 1863: Idaho Territory

147 years ago today, Abraham Lincoln took time out from dealing with the Civil War to sign into law an act of Congress creating the Idaho Territory.  The territory contained what are now the states of Idaho, Montana and most of Wyoming.  Its first capital was Lewiston, Idaho.

But then, in 1864, the capital moved to Boise -- and has stayed here ever since.  To make it up to the bereft citizens of northern Idaho, Idaho's land grant university -- the University of Idaho, my law school alma mater -- was situated in Moscow, the seat of Latah County.  

Incidentally, Latah County is the only county in the entire nation that was created by an act of Congress.  

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  1. As a U of I educated individual, I'm surprised you cut the Idaho southland (BSU homeland) so much slack with the euphamistic description:
    the capital moved to Boise