Thursday, August 06, 2009


A new addition to my collection of favorite movie lines -- and this from a movie I've never seen! From the Charlie Chan movie The Scarlet Clue (Sidney Toler, Benson Fong, Monogram Pictures, 1945):

Tommy Chan: You know Pop, I've got an idea about this case.
Charlie Chan: Yes, well?
Tommy Chan: Well, I had an idea, but it's gone now.
Charlie Chan: Possibly could not stand solitary confinement.


  1. The "This" movie channel showed several Charlie Chan movies recently. I vaguely remember some from my youth, but I'd never seen any before.

    The Charlie Chan character has been parodied many times, including by Bob and Ray ("Charley Chew") and Peter Sellers ("Inspector Sidney Wang" in Murder By Death).

  2. If I ever come to Boise, we'll have to sit around and watch your old Charlie Chan movies. After Mass, of course!