Monday, April 27, 2009

Why Would Anybody Want to Hurt This Man?

Is Pope Benedict tough? You bet. Is he orthodox? Unquestionably. Is he a staunch supporter of tradition? No doubt about it. Is he firm in his principles? Much to the consternation of his opponents. Has he been putting the smackdown on error, heresy, and nutjobbery in the universal Church since 1981? The salvos from the sewer that have been lobbed at him ever since the day he was elected to succeed John Paul II tell you everything you need to know right there.

The fact that congregations of habitless liberal nuns have been using his picture as a dart board only adds to Pope Benedict's appeal. But that's not all. On a personal, human level, Josef Alois Ratzinger has to be the most adorable man to wear the Fisherman's Ring since Eugenio Pacelli, the thoroughly lovable and unjustly maligned Pius XII. Why on earth would anybody want to do this man harm?

It's a safe bet the dart board nuns, whose kind is easily routed even in mild verbal disagreements, lack the courage of their convictions. But apparently, there are those who not only think this would be a better world without Papa Ratzi; they are willing to take action to see that it really happens. Chris Gillibrand at CathCon reports that Israeli intelligence has detected indications of a planned Islamist attack on the Pope during his visit to the Holy Land in May. It has been noted that May 13th, the 92nd anniversary of the first apparition at Fatima and the 28th anniversary of the attempt on John Paul II's life, falls in the middle of Benedict's visit.

Pray for the safety of Pope Benedict.

O Lord, we are the millions of believers, humbly kneeling at Thy feet and begging Thee to preserve, defend and save the Sovereign Pontiff for many years. He is the Father of the great fellowship of souls and our Father as well. On this day, as on every other day, he is praying for us also, and is offering unto Thee with holy fervor the sacred Victim of love and peace.

Wherefore, O Lord, turn Thyself toward us with eyes of pity; for we are now, as it were, forgetful of ourselves, and are praying above all for him. Do Thou unite our prayers with his and receive them into the bosom of Thine infinite mercy, as a sweet savor of active and fruitful charity, whereby the children are united in the Church to their Father. All that he asks of Thee this day, we too ask it of Thee in union with him.

Whether he weeps or rejoices, whether he hopes or offers himself as a victim of charity for his people, we desire to be united with him; nay more, we desire that the cry of our hearts should be made one with his. Of Thy great mercy grant, O Lord, that not one of us may be far from his mind and his heart in the hour that he prays and offers unto Thee the Sacrifice of Thy blessed Son. At the moment when our venerable High Priest, holding in His hands the very Body of Jesus Christ, shall say to the people over the Chalice of benediction these words: "The peace of the Lord be with you always," grant, O Lord, that Thy sweet peace may come down upon our hearts and upon all the nations with new and manifest power. Amen.

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  1. I say this with the deepest respect... how fitting would it be for His Holiness to die a martyrs death? He's the type of sheepdog that fights the wolves to the death, not run away at the first sign of trouble.