Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day

The trouble with "President's Day" is that not all Presidents deserve to be honored. Washington, the Father of his country, and Lincoln, its Preserver, unquestionably deserve holidays in their honor; the same, however, cannot be said of certain other Presidents. This seems to be all part of the culture of "equality," when mediocrity or even badness shares the spotlight with excellence, thereby degrading the latter while doing nothing to exalt the former. I wish we would get away from this business of celebrating all Presidents, whether they deserve it or not.

Unless we're going to start instituting holidays for the days when certain Presidents' terms end; in which case, I could go for that.

(I have a feeling we're going to be celebrating the end of the next administration, whichever candidate wins.)


  1. The demise of Washington's Birthday as a federal holiday means that the only American who has a day off just for him is Martin Luther King, Jr. (Christopher Columbus was Italian.)

    Welcome to the U.S.A., where we can't even have a day off for the Father of Our Country. :-(

  2. OMG:

    Bill Clinton was honoured today, as well?

    All this Mediocrity